General Contractors

Specializing in Multifamily and Insurance

  • Multifamily Renovation Specialists

    RSI is a multifamily renovation specialist based in Memphis,TN with offices located in Chicago, Los Angeles and Atlanta. We offer a variety of services from due diligence and budgeting of your construction expenses to insurance renovation following a fire, flood or other disaster. At RSI we strive to give our devoted client base the best possible service at the lowest price. Our staff has over 50 years of combined experience ...(Learn more about RSI)
  • Large Loss Insurance Contractor

    RSI originally started as a fire and flood renovation specialist. We work hand in hand with insurance companies and adjusters in order for our clients to quickly and efficiently get their apartment units back online and leased. We handle all logistics from initial site meetings with insurance companies to project close out and final inspections.(Learn more about our services)
  • Seasoned Staff Located Nationwide

    When faced with construction obstacles it is important to have a construction staff with adequate experience to value engineer any situation. This not only saves owner's cost in the near term but avoids many headaches in the far. With the combined experience at RSI, including seasoned project managers, service personnel and on-site construction staff we save our clients from many problems that can arise during multifamily ownership.(Learn more about the staff)

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